Packnet’s reusable packaging used for Pinewood Derby Tracks

on June 11, 2012

Anyone who was ever a cub scout, or knew a cub scout is probably familiar with the Pinewood Derby Races.   Basically one is given a block of wood and wheels; the task is to make a car that will compete in a series of races.   The cars are set on a ramp that has 4 tracks; the ramps have a starting gate and an electronically timed finished line.

There are Pinewood Derbies that take place all around the world, each racing track conforms to an exact specification.   All over the world includes the country of Croatia.  Recently Packnet was asked to build shipping and storage cases that could safely transport the Pinewood Derby track to Croatia.  The requirements were that the shipping case be light weight, durable and protect all of the race track electronics and components. Also the cases need to be indefinitely reusable for storage and transport of the track to many locations for use in local Pinewood Derby events.

Packnet custom engineered and built a reusable system that included heavy duty 6mm corrugated plastic with custom fabricated foam and hardware.  The results were fantastic!

See the video below for a review of the packaging construction process.