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Lean Manufacturing and Packaging

on March 21, 2012
What does packaging and crating have to do with lean manufacturing?  To answer that question one first must consider what lean manufacturing is.   There are many tools that tend to fall under the umbrella of lean manufacturing such as 5-S work place organization, total productive maintenance, statistical process control,  kan...

Are Your Packages Being Mishandled?

on March 14, 2012
You have probably heard about FED EX and UPS employees getting caught on camera mishandling packages.   We have provided 2 You Tube videos below for your entertainment.  I think you can see that “mishandling” is an understatement.  The FED EX driver was tossing packages from inside the truck...

Lumber Export to China highest in over 10 years

on March 13, 2012
US Softwood lumber exports rose to 984 million board feet in 2011, the highest volume since 1997.  China overtook Canada as the biggest export country.   Export volume to China nearly tripled to 411 million board feet, the highest total ever. The strong gains in export sales have helped US producers...

More on Chili

on March 13, 2012
 In the aftermath of that January fire, plywood prices continue to soar.  Western plywood mills that produce both sheathing and sanded panels appear to be increasing the sanded production to take advantage of better pricing, but factors such as veneer cost have been a restraining factor.  Some thicknesses of sanded...

Canada to U.S. ISPM-15 Exemption to End by 2014 for Pallets

on March 9, 2012
New reports are now indicating that the ISPM-15 exemption for wood pallets and packaging will extend beyond the 2013, which was previous thought to be the target deadline.  It is now being reported that the U.S. now intends to implement ISPM-15 for U.S. – Canada shipments “no sooner” than January...

Raw Material Costs Due to Oil Prices

on March 2, 2012
As gas and oil prices climb, we knew it wouldn’t be long before corrugated plastic and foam materials followed.  The manufacturers of polyurethane foam have announced price increases for both ethers and esters.  They are stating increase amounts of up to 20% effective March 12, 2012.  Rising raw material and...

Plywood Plant in Chili Destroyed

on February 22, 2012 This plywood plant in Chili that was destroyed has caused some supply/demand issues in the marketplace!  Most plywood has seen price increases as a result.

Environmental Packaging Guidelines

on February 9, 2012
An updated reference published by the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP), Naperville, Ill., describes tools to develop and manage a successful sustainable packaging program. Completely updated by Rebecca L. Oesterle, immediate past chairperson of IoPP’s Sustainable Packaging Technical Committee, the 167-page book includes several new chapters. An in-depth case study...

IPPC Compliant Materials

on February 9, 2012
Packnet still discovers even today some new opportunities for manufacturers and shippers that are unknowingly exporting non compliant IPPC approved heat treated lumber materials.  The IPPC auditing program has been in  existence for 8 years and there still are companies that ship non conforming product unknowingly.  This includes shipments to...