What happens when plastic is too expensive for packaging

on April 17, 2012

Since oil is needed to fabricate plastic, it stands to reason that as oil becomes more expensive, so will plastic.  For most of our industrial packaging applications, it is doubtful that even the current prices are going to have an adverse impact of overall packaging and shipping costs.  But what if the scenario becomes much more drastic, say oil shipments get disrupted from the Middle East.  Are there any options?

The answer is absolutely yes!  There a number of creative ways to replace plastic in packaging or at least mitigate extraordinary cost increases.

  • Reusable Packaging.  If an industrial package can be re-used repeatedly, then shortages of plastics or other material can be mitigated.
  • Fiber board.  Fiber board is sturdy, light and can be an adequate short term substitute for plastic.
  • Other Wood Products.  A variety of products can be made from wood similar to that of fiber board that may a good substitute.  Corrugated card board is one example.
  • Package Redesign:   For industrial packaging, there are many design options that can be considered to reduce the amount of oil based materials.

The bottom line is that Packnet can develop custom packaging and custom packaging/transport systems to compensate for material costs or shortages, and meet the functional needs of the application.