What is the Best Packaging Method and Material?

on March 24, 2012

Is there any one universal solution that addresses all packaging needs?   Obviously not; a packaging solution that works great for one product may be a complete failure for another type of product.   Product size and weight, shipping methods, temperature and chemical sensitivity and many more variables affect the handling dynamics.  Merely adding cushioning materials will add to shipping weight which also affects shipping costs as well as handling methods. The key to effective packaging is to use enough materials to protect the contents without adding unnecessary weight or bulk.  This will help reduce shipping costs.


The most effective packaging starts with good packaging design and testing.   Experienced packaging engineers can identify handling and cost issues and create a solution that will best fit the situation.  It may be desirable to have the packaging tested in a laboratory environment for impact and random vibration analysis. Packnet has performed this service for a number of customers. This also can be a valuable resource when the unfortunate freight damage occurs.  If test data shows that the packaging should easily withstand normal freight handling, then one can argue that the shipping resource badly mishandled the cargo.


Packnet is an expert in creating custom handling and packaging solutions for industrial products.