Quick-Guide for an Effective Warehouse Redesign

If it’s time to redesign your warehouse for more efficiency or productivity, make sure you include these steps in your planning process.

Your warehouse is not just the hub for your products. It is the window to your profit potential. You would not fare well to set up a warehouse without a considerable amount of thought and planning; you need an efficient setup that matches your individual needs. Here is a checklist of considerations and planning you need:

Identify Your Main Objectives

While efficiency, productivity, costs, and customer service are common goals to have, think about where you want to be in the future, too. Do you hope to automate or incorporate more technology down the road? Are you anticipating expansion? You may want to design your warehouse to be flexible to these kinds of needs as well.

Analyze and Document Areas to Improve

You should use your entire staff to help identify areas where you can improve. Each has a different perspective and unique experience that will contribute to your overall operation. This would include everything from the setup and workflow to vendors. Think about where you lose money. If it’s a productivity issue, factor that into your design. If it’s product damage during shipping, look at solutions now. You may find a new packaging company who has valuable input for your new warehouse layout.

Collect Facility Data and Information

You have physical elements to consider like structures, personnel, and SKU dimensions as well as data to factor into your design. These things include inventory entrances and exits, column sizes and locations, ceiling heights, order history, and activity logs.

Compare Your Data Against your Goals

When you look at the physical realities of your warehouse and compare them to your goals, you may need to modify your original plan. This is a very important step that will save you anguish in the future.

Finalize your Plan

With modifications in place, you can see your detailed plan and identify the necessary steps to graduate your layout from where it is to where you want it. This final plan should include all the resources, essential tasks, and a timeline of deliveries, including installation, and anticipated completion date.

Create an Implementation Process

As your new warehouse comes to life, you will need to coordinate the delivery of structures like racks and shelves. You will also need to set up and tweak sortation systems and other pieces that make your operation efficient.

Review all Changes  

When the project is finished, be sure to consult the implementation team to find out what went right, what went wrong, any changes that were made, and whether the changes were documented.

Remember that this redesign is to improve your operations, so spend the necessary time to ensure you get it right the first time.

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