Wellness for Warehouse Workers: Why, What, How

Have you tried to bring a corporate wellness program to your warehouse only to have it fail? Here’s why it didn’t take, and why you need to keep trying.

It’s week two of National Safety Month, and NSC’s focus has moved to wellness. This is a particularly interesting topic for warehouse employees. The manual labor and conditions of the work, along with average lifestyle of employees make this extremely important to address. However, these workers are least likely to participate. Why is that? And should you even care? Refer to our infographic for an explanation of these important details.

As a packaging company, we incorporate things like ergonomics and ease of use into our custom designs. It’s an important ROI for you to consider, and it all lends to better protection for your goods. If you’re wondering how packaging can help you promote a healthier work environment, contact Packnet at 952.944.9124.