3D Modeling

on June 13, 2012

Sometimes it would be nice to have an exact 3-d model of a product you are developing.  With this model you can check that the size and shape will fit with other components as well as use it to develop packaging.   By doing these dimensional checks before having a finished product, one can save thousands of dollars and weeks of valuable time.

Packnet has a unique ability to take cad/engineer drawings and create a 3-dimensional replica of a product quickly and at a low cost.   Many companies have found this to be invaluable for speeding up their product development cycle.  Packnet has advanced software systems that combine with precision routing and cutting capabilities to duplicate or create many 3D models.

Precision cutting is one of Packnet’s specialties.  Capabilities include CNC, die cutting, precision sawing and water jet cutting.   With its arsenal of precision cutting equipment, Packnet can quickly create parts to precise specifications.