Packnet offers Kanban services to local customers

Packnet offers Kanban services to local customers

In past blog posts, Packnet has written about lean manufacturing and designing special Kanban carts that match the specific manufacturing needs of our clients.   There have been numerous other posts about how custom packaging and crating solutions can support our client’s lean manufacturing initiatives.

Packnet also offers Kanban delivery as a service and does it for several customers.   Many of its packaging containers or crates can be fairly large and take up a lot of inventory space.   One client went from monthly shipments from Packnet to daily deliveries that are pulled vie emailed Kanban cards. There is significant cost savings as all of the packaging materials are not needed to be stored or paid for until they’re basically used each day.

By employing quick turn manufacturing, Packnet can manufacture the packaging system with a short lead time for Kanban deliveries.    In other cases Packnet will inventory finished product for Kanban delivery or have work in process that can built up quickly for fast response delivery. Packnet delivers multiple parts in various quantities via a pull system.

Packnet offers engineered crate solutions that are supplied to the customer in Kanban quantities, for more information on this service please contact a Packnet technical representative.


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