Considerations for Reusable Transit Cases

Considerations for Reusable Transit Cases


There are several important considerations when developing a reusable transport case. These are containers that are either shipped or hand carried for multiple uses. They can be anything from a sales demo case, to a mobile machine calibration kit, to point-of-use field medical kit.

Just as the needs of these types of containers are various, so are the options for meeting the unique product and service specifications.

Several important considerations when selecting the type of transport case are:

  • Product protection: how fragile and delicate are components? You will want to have adequate protection to ensure against breakage. However, you don’t want to overpackage, as that will lead to unnecessary costs.
  • Durability: In most cases the technician or sales person carries this case to many different locations and is repeatedly loading and unloading the contents, so you will want to ensure that the level of durability matches the way it will be used.
  • Ease of use: Considering the person using it, and in what environment? Will they be flying with it? Then there are size restrictions to account for. Carrying it long distances? You may want wheels.  Carrying it over rough terrain? Wheels might not be the best solution; a shoulder or backpack strap system might be more appropriate.
  • Organization: The person should easily be able to load and unload the contents in an efficient manner.   Each component must be in its own place and stay in that place throughout the transport.
  • Branding:  The case is an extension of your company, your products and services. Take into account the impression your case will carry in terms of style but also how different logos, colors, and other brand-specific touches can be added.

Based upon those considerations, Packnet can help you arrive at the type and style of case that will work best.

Case types include:

All of these transport cases can be customized to meet your unique needs – options include custom foam, wheels, straps, colors, branding, and more.  Contact us today to get started on your project.

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