ISPM 15 helps preserve the environment

ISPM 15 helps preserve the environment

Packnet is a strong advocate of environmental stewardship.  We try to encourage 100% reusable packaging when possible and also try to use recyclable materials.  We advocate materials and processes that minimize air and water pollution.

Another way to be good stewards of the earth is to help prevent the spread of invasive species.  Invasive species are any biological entity that migrates into a non-native habitat.  There are many examples of this. The Asian Carp has invaded many of the Midwest lakes and rivers and is destroying the native fish.   The Zebra Mussel is an example of a species that is spread by recreational boating in the upper Midwest.  Down in Florida the Burmese Pythons are devastating wildlife.   The Asian Longhorned Beetles are killing trees in northern America.  

Invasive species disrupt the ecological balance in any region because often there is no natural predator or natural immunity to combat the intruder.  Often the native inhabitants are overwhelmed and destroyed by the invading species.

Invading species have been introduced in a variety of ways such as clinging to the hulls of ocean liners, and international cargo, particularly wooden packaging containers where the wood came from insect infested trees. 

ISPM 15 addresses the wooden packaging issue by ensuring that wood is adequately treated to rid any infestation of pests or pathogens.  Packet is certified to supply ISPM 15 raw material and final packaging material for international shipments.  More  information on ISPM 15.

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