Packnet’s reusable wood packaging container saves material and labor

Packnet’s reusable wood packaging container saves material and labor

Packnet saved ADC Telecommunications over $150,000 a year in packaging materials by customizing one of its featured products. The product is called Slot-Lock™, and was created by Packnet 8 years ago. It features interlocking ½” OSB panels that use built- in CNC precision routed slots and tabs. No hardware such as nails, screws, clips or staples are needed. The interlocking design creates a very strong container that can survive rough handling and can last through many reuses as well as being an economical choice for one-time use.

It saves on mess in your shipping receiving area as typical crates need to be torn down using pry bars and hammers. The wood inevitably splints and leaves particulate all over the place.

Slot-Lock™ can be partially or fully assembled after the product is positioned on the base thereby making it easier to lift the product into position. This feature saves stress on your employee’s backs and shoulders. The packing crating process typically takes less time than when using traditional containers or crates.

When unloaded, the system can be collapsed to less than 10% of its volume. This saves space on storage or shipping. Since Slot-Lock™ may be reusable; you are saving on crating materials with every reuse.

Slot-Lock™ can be customized to the package size and foam inserts and cushion can be added to enhance protection and package stabilization. Click here to view standard sizes available. Watch the video below to see our unique container system in actual use.

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