Packnet upgrades website to responsive design

Packnet upgrades website to responsive design

Our website just underwent some major changes.   Most of our visitors won’t even notice the difference between the new one and the old one.   Packnet just upgraded its website to a responsive design platform.   What is a responsive design website?   A responsive design site presents an optimized layout and view based on the device and screen size of the visitor.    So it will look different on an iphone from a wide screen desktop.   But it is the exact same site, the content and the images are the same, but they are just laid out a bid different depending on the device.

Previous to the redesign, Packnet’s website did not give mobile users a “visitor friendly “view.   For an iphone, one had to do a lot of side to side scrolling to see all the content.   On a droid, one could not effectively navigate the entire site.    Packnet understands that a significant amount of our visitors see our website on a mobile phone, so it was important that we addressed this issue.

Another change we made is in how are our product specific images are presented.   Before you had to do a lot of clicking back and forth between pages to view the different product and capability examples we had on our site.  Now images pop up for easy viewing and can be seen as a slide show.   There are also more images and videos on some of the pages to demonstrate our capability.

Packnet continues to make it easier for our customers to do business with us.   That effort includes providing a more user friendly and engaging interface for our mobile devise users.  We hope you enjoy the update.

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