Save time and money with custom designed tradeshow crates

Save time and money with custom designed tradeshow crates

Most companies display their products and services at trade shows.  It may be only one or two tradeshows a year, or dozens around the world.  In order to maximize the benefit of the tradeshow, one needs an attractive and compelling display system to best present their corporate image and attract visitors to their booth.  These display systems can run thousands of dollars.

With these expensive display systems, it is vital to protect them from damage so that they can be used repeatedly.  Unfortunately the process of delivering your tradeshow displays to the exposition center, setting up, tearing down and shipping to another destination involves a lot of rough handling.  Chances of damage are great unless you have a good shipping and storage system.

Packnet custom designs and fabricates tradeshow crates that will maximize the protection of your displays.  The designs are user friendly to minimize your set up and tear down times.   The crates are solidly constructed so that they can be frequently reused.   With Packnet Tradeshow Crates you will protect your expensive display systems and save time in set up.  Packnet will try to work within your budget constraints.

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