Should You Brand your Shipping Packaging?

Should You Brand your Shipping Packaging?

product-groupWe’ve recently posted about packaging making a first impression on a customer and the trends you want to ponder when branding that outer shell. Branding the shipping packaging is only one of the ways you can stand out, but it is a significant way to do so. It does, however, require more time, resources, and funds. So you may wonder if you really ought to brand the outside of your shipped package. Here are some things to consider.

  1. Is your product in need of an alert? Certain goods should not be announced on the outside of the shipping box. Anything that is considered private or protected by law should not don a sign telling customers’ neighbors what they’re buying. Whether it’s for delicate personal care or medical purposes, if your brand tells too much about your customer, leave it off. On the other hand, if your product needs immediate attention, like food or flowers, you’re helping ensure happy customers by letting them know what’s in the box.
  1. Could the appearance of the outmost packaging materials hurt your brand? Cardboard boxes are amongst the most popular shipping containers, but they are not all equal. Some are far sturdier than others. If the packaging you use is subject to damage, you may not want your branding on that box. Even though transit damage has nothing to do with you, your brand takes a hit when your logo appears on a crushed, dented, or ripped package. If you know you do want to brand the shipping container, consider the quality of the materials you’re choosing. It’s part of the brand, too.

Other container materials range from plastic to metal. Sealable plastic bags are popular for items like clothing. These don’t make a strong impression for quality, so advertising your brand on its exterior could work against you.

  1. What opportunities do your customer demographics provide for you? The first two points may have you thinking branding isn’t worth the effort, but don’t be quick to dismiss the immense opportunity it provides. First, packages left on doorsteps act as an advertisement to the community who walk or drive past it. You’re only not benefiting from this if, say, your target market lives in group homes where all packages are collected behind a closed door and await pickup from the resident.

What’s most important to consider is the social media potential. The more attractive your box is, the better the odds it’s going on Instagram or Twitter. Showing off a purchase isn’t the only time your package could be featured on social media. Between cats in boxes and pins about reusing boxes, your box has a lot of potential to be showcased in shared photos. In fact, you could post your own blog about ways to reuse the boxes you ship. People love DIY projects and lifehacks. If your market uses social media, this is a significant opportunity to consider.

All in all, evaluate the message you want to send your customers, and weigh that against the appearance of the shipping package as well as the potential return. The container your product is shipped in is part of the overall presentation you’re giving about your company.

If you need custom packaging, Packnet specializes in protecting large, heavy, and/or fragile goods. We can brand containers, and we are always up to date on international and domestic shipping compliance. Give us a call at 952.944.9124 or request a free assessment.

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