Corrosion protection video demonstrates VpCI technology

Corrosion protection video demonstrates VpCI technology

The following video is an animation created by Cortec that shows how the VpCI Emitter works to protect products during shipping and storage. The video does a nice job of showing the technology.


  • The emitter only needs to be placed in the vicinity of the product in a closed container. There are no messy sprays or plastic wrapping and no need for sealed bags with desiccants.
  • Once activated, the corrosion inhibiting vapor quickly disperses throughout the container and saturates the immediate area while completely covering the product.
  • The animation demonstrates that the vapor consists of pairs of oppositely charged ions. This assures attraction and bonding the metal surface.

Watch video here:

The following were not necessarily apparent from the video, but are equally important to know.

  • Cortec VpCI Emitters can protect products for several months under minimal storage conditions.
  • There is no special cleaning operation needed when the product is removed from the package.
  • The product is environmentally friendly; it is safe for both products and humans.
  • The product does not interfere with electrical, optical or mechanical performance.

Click here for more information on Cortec corrosion inhibitor products.

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