Description of HT lumber markings for ISPM 15 certification

Description of HT lumber markings for ISPM 15 certification


All wood that goes into wood packaging materials for international shipment should be ISPM 15 certified.   There are different markings depending on the use or stage of that lumber.

Lumber Designation Mark 1spm15
Lumber Designation Mark

This marking indicates that the raw material has met the minimum core temperature requirements.   This is Not recognized as an ISPM 15 certification.  This marking is used by raw material suppliers to assure the wood packaging manufactures that the wood is in compliance with ISPM 15 guidelines.   Mark must be legible at least once on every piece of lumber supplied.  

Finished Product Mark 1smp15
Finished Product Mark

This marking certifies that the final wood packaging product meets ISPM 15 standards.  Material contains debarked solid wood material that is recognized as meeting minimum core temperatures of 56 degrees centigrade for 30 minutes.  This marking must be visible and must be applied minimally 2 times on opposite sides of the packaging crate or pallet.  

Dunnage Mark

Dunnage is material that is used to secure or support, but does not remain with the container, crate or pallet.  This is generally material that is used for bracing, blocking or chocking.  All pieces of lumber must have this marking.


Packnet sources and processes approved heat treated materials and stamps all of its finished products such as pallets and crates with the registered ISPM 15 marking.  Packnet is licensed and audited by the Timber Products Inspection Agency. 



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