Packnet reorganizes its corrosion inhibitor web pages

Packnet reorganizes its corrosion inhibitor web pages

We just finished reorganizing our corrosion inhibitor web pages.   Packnet carries a comprehensive line of environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor products from Cortec, and we previously had most of the products listed on one single page organized by application.   In reviewing this page we saw how a visitor would have trouble navigating through the content.   One might have to click on dozens of links to find a product that is suitable for their use.

Many visitors gave up searching our site and simply called us.  We were more than pleased to answer all the questions, but many visitors found this more time consuming than needed to find the right Cortec product.

We believe our new corrosion inhibitor page will be much easier to navigate and allow visitors to find information quickly.   Our main Cortec page shows seven main categories or applications:

By clicking on any of those applications, you are brought to a subpage with 4 to 10 applicable solutions.  Each solution has a clear description of and a spec sheet.   We are continually adding and improving this page to make it more user- friendly. 

Cortec makes environmentally safe corrosion protection and corrosion inhibitor products, Packnet proudly distributes those products.

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