Effective crating solutions that reduce costs

Effective crating solutions that reduce costs

slot lock crow barPacknet’s crating solutions are much more than just well built boxes that house products, they are specifically engineered to solve a myriad of problems in as a cost effective manner as possible.   Our design and engineering expertise, advanced material knowledge and broad fabrication capabilities allow us to create superior products that are developed in less time than our competition.

Our custom solutions have solved a number of problems and offer our customers numerous benefits:

Space reduction: Packnet has designed and built storage solutions that save on space. Whether the design is interlocking crates that improve storage density or collapsible containers that take very little space when not in use, Packnet has helped many clients save space and better utilize their expensive facility.

Labor reduction: Packnet’s engineering team will analyze the existing motions required to load a product and create a system that is more efficient, saving time and labor.

Reduce costs: Packnet has taken existing designs from customers and re-engineered them and lowered material costs and/or allowed more efficient fabrication methods.   Furthermore, Packnet has a broad range of fabrication capabilities that enable us to efficiently build solutions at low to high volumes.

Reduce environmental impact:  Creating eco-friendly solutions has been a high priority of Packnet; we specialize in reusable packaging solutions. We can recommend the best materials to use for a green solution.

Reduce risk of injury: Packnet specializes in creating ergonomic solutions that minimize injury risk.   Loading and handling can create a lot of stress on the human body; Packnet can engineer a solution that minimizes that stress, reducing the chances of accidents or repetitive motion injuries.

Reduce clutter: Packnet’s SlotLock® solutions do not require any hardware to assemble, thereby eliminating nails, screws, tabs, clips and other debris such as wood shavings that are common when uncrating products.

Reduce risk of damage: Packnet has years of experience, engineering expertise and material knowledge that enable us to create robust packaging solutions that will protect your product.   Packnet also can protect your product from corrosion and employ handling indictors to further protect your investment.   Packnet can perform a variety of tests on its packaging to help insure that our solutions meet all the customer requirements.

Reduce time to market: Packet prides itself on rapid response in everything we do.   We employ the latest techniques to ensure minimum cycle times in quoting, engineering, prototyping, testing and production fabrication.

Building robust, effective packaging solutions is not an accident. Packnet has invested significant resources in facility, technology, fabrication systems and training to create world class solutions in packaging and crating industrial products.   If you are interested in finding out what kind of improvements we can make to your existing packaging system, request a free packaging assessment.

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