Heat Shrink Wrapping to Protect Your Assets

Heat Shrink Wrapping to Protect Your Assets

What can you do if you need to protect a very large object during extended storage or during shipment across the ocean?  How big is large?  How about 30 ft yacht, or a tractor, or even something as large as a house?  Just because a structure is extremely large doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged by corrosives, acids, frost or extended moisture contact.

Heat shrink wrapping is a low cost method available today that can protect these objects for a long period of time.   It uses the same methods that package many of the common products that you might see in a grocery store.   The material that Packnet has available is a corrosion inhibiting heat shrink wrap.  The wrapping is done in such a way as to eliminate moisture problems.  The plastic is durable and is impervious to many volatiles and won’t slip or shift during movement.  You can see from the picture below that we aren’t kidding when we say large.

 If you have something very large that you want to protect, let the experts at Packnet show you how it can be shrink-wrapped.


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