Mobile packing services for custom manufacturers

Mobile packing services for custom manufacturers

If you are a custom machine fabricator or manufacturer of any product that’s fragile, large or high value, you likely could use Packnet’s mobile packaging service.  Many of our customers are designers and manufacturers of high value automated machines and equipment. They may also simply be transferring capital equipment from one facility to another.  We see all sizes and shapes of equipment!

Packnet’s mobile packing and crating service allows you to keep your technicians doing what they do best; design, fabricating and testing equipment, while our technicians do what they do best; custom crating and packaging.

Prior to your shipping date, Packnet will meet with you and scope out the entire system packaging requirements.   We will spec out the sizes, weights and quantities of your product.   Mode of transport and rigging or lifting requirements are reviewed and discussed to facilitate a smooth transition at your site as well as the final destination.

We then engineer and pre-fabricate custom crates, materials and any cushioning that is needed to minimize shipping, handling, shock and vibration or environmental damage. This often includes vapor barrier heat sealing and desiccant, cushioned pallet bases or VpCI corrosion inhibitor systems for international protection.

When you are ready, Packnet will arrive at your facility with custom pre-fabricated skids, crating, tools, custom materials and highly experienced packaging technicians.   We will crate, label and package all your equipment using our custom designed crates, protective foam, corrosion resistant wrappings and shock & tilt monitoring devices as needed.   We will mark and label each crate with the appropriate designations and secure the crates into the cargo container or shipping vessel using best practices.  Packnet will work with you to ensure that all local and global destination regulations (both written and unwritten) are considered when preparing your export cargo. All of our wood products are ISMP15 HT certified for domestic and international shipments.

For more information, please go to Packnet’s on site packing and crating services webpage.

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