The biggest cause of shipping damage is poor packing

The biggest cause of shipping damage is poor packing

An article from” Handy shipping Guide” recently stated that the most serious threat to ocean cargo is poor or improper loading of freight ( Poor Loading of Freight Damages Entire container Shipping Industry).  The TT Club, a group of insurance and logistics risk management specialists claim that 1/3 of all shipping damage can be attributed to poor loading.   Much of this poor loading is done by untrained personnel not associated with the ocean shipping industry.

This is most likely companies that choose to have their own employees pack the cargo containers.    Since the employees are not freight and handling experts, they are unfamiliar with the subsequent risks and handling that a container may see along the entire shipping voyage.

In other cases, containerization can take place far from the dock of the original shipper and at some warehouse as the freight is transferred from dock to truck.  In this case the company of origin may have little control on the end results.

Using a packaging specialist such as Packnet can help companies avoid a lot of these damage and handling issues.  Packnet technicians are fully trained and experienced in cargo container loading and Packnet has the industry experience to help identify risks in the shipping chain.

Another reason to use a company like Packnet for ocean cargo packing is that Packnet is knowledgeable of the national and international import and export regulations for containers.  Not having the right container paperwork or markings or even the correct container materials can delay shipments and add unneeded expenses.


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