Custom hard sided case transport solutions

Custom hard sided case transport solutions

If you have technicians that carry around delicate equipment or tool kits, or a sales force that needs to transport delicate demo kits, then safe, efficient transport is probably important to you. Many industries including medical, electronics and military have these needs. Packnet specializes in creating custom shipping/transport cases for transporting delicate or sophisticated equipment.

We start with a Gemstar hard sided Sentinel case; these cases are virtually indestructible. They come in various sizes and even have features such as wheels and extendable handles. These cases are airtight, waterproof, dust proof and come with a lifetime warranty.

The next step is customization. Packnet can use its design capability, its vast assortment of materials and its fabrication capability to create a custom hard case that will give you the safest most efficient option for transporting your valuable equipment.

Normally custom foam cavity interiors are needed, but often special fabricated plastic or metal inserts are used. Many cases require special printing or branding. Sometimes the equipment needs power while in the case; Packnet has routed out the case and inserted special power connectors so that electrical connections can be made without disturbing the equipment in the case. The customization possibilities are endless.

Packnet has a variety of capabilities that allows for economical and precise fabrication. These include waterjet cutting, cnc routing, die cutting, ultrasonic welding and a variety of dispensers and air tools. Packnet utilizes a variety of printing and imaging technologies for branding, instructions and markings. Combine all this with a highly trained and skilled work-force and Packnet has the ability to bring any concept to fully functioning product.

Below is a video showing one of our customized transport cases:

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