Buckhorn expands product offering

Buckhorn expands product offering

buckhornPacknet distributes Buckhorn heavy duty bulk boxes.   These boxes are made out of high impact injection molded plastic.   They are ideal for heavy duty manufacturing such as the automotive industry.  The boxes are light weight, collapsible and they are stackable, so they are easier to inventory.   Some models have up to a 2500 pound capacity.

The Buckhorn containers are for companies that need a high performance packaging/storage solution that is also light weight.  Packnet can customize containers with custom foam and or custom corrugated inserts if needed.

Packnet has been carrying the Buckhorn product line for a couple of years.    Now Buckhorn is expanding its product line by adding extension rings to increase its height.  Previously this product was only available in 25” and 34’ heights.  Now the base container can be expanded using 7” or 10” rings or 7” and 10” combined.   The 2-piece welded base locks panels into place to provide a sturdy container.

The panels are repairable, thereby extending the life of these reusable containers.   The plastic is also 100% recyclable; like many Packnet offerings, Buckhorn offers an environmentally friendly solution to challenging shipping and storage needs.  The buckhorn containers have a few other useful features such as:

  • Ergonomic handles and non-sequential folding
  • Four drain holes for better outside storage
  • Dual drop-down doors that do not block fork tunnels when open
  • Two recessed ID tag areas on all four sides of the base
  • Additional flat surfaces on the panels and doors for labels, cardholders or RFID tracking

The Bulk Box has a variety of features that make this product the ideal combination of strength and versatility.  Additionally, Packnet’s vast capabilities in materials, fabrication and engineering will enable us to customize any standard product to meet your exact needs.

For more information on the Buckhorn Boxes, contact Packnet at 952.944.9124.

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