Checklist for a Successful Product Sales Kit

Checklist for a Successful Product Sales Kit

salesdemocaseshomepagelinkWhen your sales rep brings a product demo to a potential client, he or she likely has a variety of critical tools to land the sale. This probably includes a script of some kind, answers to questions and customer objections, literature or a presentation, and the product itself. Armed with extra touches, however, your salesperson is empowered to leave an incredible impression on clients and skyrocket close rates.

Here are some essentials that every sales person should be equipped with:

Buyer Personas

When you tailor your presentation to the specific needs, concerns, and behaviors of your specific audience, your pitch will be much more effective than a formulaic presentation. By learning about your potential client, you can relate to him or her better and address the exact things they need from you – in an efficient way. For help creating buyer personas, see HubSpot’s article here.

ROI Calculator

When clients understand what kind of return they will see and when, it is a lot easier to agree to buy your product. This escalates the value of your product and/or services. There are a number of ROI calculators available online, like this one from infer.

A Comparison to your Competition

If your sales reps can’t speak to the advantages and disadvantages of your competitors’ products versus yours, they are likely to lose the sale. Your prospects have probably been vetted by other companies, and they know exactly what they do and don’t like about them. Teach your clients what they don’t know about how your product compares to other companies’ products.

Visual Communication

Your product shouldn’t be the only visual that is present during the demonstration. A PowerPoint also shouldn’t be the only accompanying visual. People are more than twice as likely to remember information that they both see and hear versus only see or hear. This is why videos are such powerful marketing tools. Additionally, hearing about your product from your actual customers is very persuasive. Incorporate testimonials into a video or slide deck. Also, make sure your branding is consistent across all of your marketing mediums.

Quality Product Cases

Part of your visual communication and consistent branding is in the product case or package. The look and quality of your product case is considered a reflection of the quality of the product itself. Both the exterior and interior of your kit should showcase your attention to detail. Keep them looking new, stamp them with branding, and make sure the inside is appropriately aesthetic and protective. You don’t want to show up with a damaged product for your demonstration.  You can find effective, expert packaging solutions at Packnet. Read their case study on sales kits here.

All of the above helps unify your branding and tailor your message to get the best returns on your efforts. If you’re looking for a better product case, you can contact us or request a free assessment to discuss your needs. 952-944-9124

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