Packnet meets tough packaging requirements of UN/DOT

Packnet meets tough packaging requirements of UN/DOT

One of Packnet’s biggest assets is its ability to custom engineer a packaging solution to meet a specific requirement.   Not only does Packnet focus on the customer requirements, but also focuses on creating a cost effective solution that is environmentally safe.

One of its latest challenges was to create a custom solution for TEN-E that would meet UN/DOT requirements for hazardous material packaging.   In order to meet UN/DOT requirements, a package must pass a series of tests involving dropping, vibration, water absorption and stacking.  There are other requirements relating to labeling and the training of personnel involved in the handling of the product.

 TEN-E specicializes in the testing and certification of packages to UN/DOT requirements.   TEN-E contacted Packnet for its expertise in packaging.  The packaging not only had to meet UN/DOT packaging requirements, but it had to work efficiently in an automotive assembly process.

Packnet worked quickly to create a number of prototypes.  Packnet recommended and designed a corrugated plastic container solution.  The container went through vigorous testing to gain acceptance and receive certification.  Once approved,  Packnet was contracted to manufacture production quantities.

Another strength that Packnet clearly demonstrated was its project management capability and responsiveness to customer needs.

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