Wood crating is not always the best packaging solution

Wood crating is not always the best packaging solution

While Packnet has the capability to create durable, highly functional and reusable packaging systems using wood, there are applications that wood may not be the best choice.   This is one reason why Packnet offers standard and custom solutions using plastic materials.

One example of a standard solution (that can be customized) is our Permapal™ product.   Permapal™ is a reusable pallet container that is rotational molded out of medium density polyethylene.   The container is virtually indestructible and can be reused over and over.

The pallet box container is stackable and can be fitted with custom foam or plastic dividers.   There is no weight variation between pallets so a factory can use weight counting to simplify inventory tracking (wood containers have enough weight variation that makes this practice unreliable).  The pallet is impervious to water, oil, grease, and chemicals.


All of these features makes this an ideal solution for inter or intra plant transport.   Because it is not shedding, it is a better solution for cleanroom or near cleanroom manufacturing facilities.   Since it is square (32” x 32” x 12” OD), it is easier to store and handle as a forklift can use any side to lift.


Because it is reusable, it provides an economical and environmentally friendly solution for material handling.


Permapal container fitted with custom foam inserts.

For more information on Permapal™ or other reusable plastic container solutions, please see our reusable packaging section of our website

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