Cortec corrosion inhibitors used for heavy duty hydraulic equipment

Cortec corrosion inhibitors used for heavy duty hydraulic equipment

Long distance shipping of metal products or parts can pose some serious corrosion challenges as the overseas shipping environment can be very corrosive.   HYVA India LTD is a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders and jacks used in heavy vehicles.    At first HYVA was filling the oil reservoirs before shipment to ward off corrosion.   That method resulted in a high oil usage requiring clean up and disposal by the customer.  Even with the added oil there were a number of complaints about corrosion.    HYVA needed a lower cost solution that was more effective.

The solution was to use VpCI®-329 and add it to the oil.   Only 10% of the original amount of oil was used as the VpCI®-329 protected the equipment in three phases; contact, interphase and vapor phase.   The end result was that labor and transportation costs were cut while totally eliminating any corrosion issue.

VpCI®-329 is a vapor corrosion inhibiting concentrate used with lubricating, hydraulic and preservation oils. This Cortec product inhibits corrosion by depositing a film which aggressively clings to metal as well as the vapor phase inhibitors that Cortec is famous for.   The vapor molecules ironically bond to metal forming a protective barrier.  VpCI®-329 can be used for both short term and very long term protection.  It can be sprayed, brushed or dipped.

As with all Cortec products, VpCI®-329 is environmentally friendly that contains no hazardous chromates, nitrites or phosphate. It can protect ferrous metals, zinc, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, brass, cadmium, and silver.

Packnet is a premier distributor of Cortec products and has extensive knowledge of its uses for product shipping, storage or even during manufacturing processes.   Click here for more info on corrosion inhibiting products.

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