Packaging and intra company transports

Packaging and intra company transports

custompalletsMany companies manufacture products that require transport between company plants for the various manufacturing processes.   Many businesses have “centers of excellence” located in different parts of the world that specialize in a specific capability.   There could be a number of reasons for having different factories located in vastly different geographical areas:

  • Advantages in local material supply
  • Advantages in local labor cost or skill
  • Inherited from an acquisition
  • Environmental regulations
  • Many other reasons

There are a number of challenges that a company faces when transporting products between its factories.   Product or component damage and corrosion are just a couple.  Because the transport is within the same corporation, there are some significant opportunities to save money on transport, packaging and logistics.

Packnet offers a number of services relating to intra company transport that can result in significant savings.

Custom Reusable Packaging

Reusable packaging makes a lot of sense as it ultimately saves on packaging materials as well as the environment.   The system needs to be durable enough to allow for multiple reuses.   Corrugated plastics is often the choice because of its durability, but wood packaging systems such as Slotlock® can also work extremely well.

By using creative engineering and design, custom packaging solutions can be created that not only save on material costs, but increase labor efficiency by being configurated to handle both the unloading and loading of the product between manufacturing steps.  Custom engineering can reduce safety risks and improve ergonomics by eliminating awkward movements and positioning. More information on Packnet’s Reusable packaging.

Corrosion Protection

Metal components that get transported between factories run the risk of corrosion.  One example is a metal part is finished in one location, and then gets shipped to another factory for painting or coating.  In most cases the condition of the metal surface greatly impacts paint adhesion, so the slightest level of oxidation or corrosion can create an issue.

Packnet provides a number of Cortec products that can be used to inhibit corrosion on metal products.  The product can be easily applied and if needed easily removed, although in most cases removal is not needed.  Cortec is environmentally friendly and very cost effective.  More information on Cortec corrosion inhibiting products.

ShockWatch® Handling Monitors

Packnet distributes ShockWatch® products that will not only indicate a specific environmental or impact event, but it can determine the time and package location when the event occurred.  This analysis could be invaluable for material handling analysis.   Often a component can end up at the final destination with damage, but determining exactly where and when the damage occurred can be nearly impossible without some sophisticated monitoring equipment.    By using ShockWatch® monitors, the type of experience a product endured during transport can be precisely determined.  This can allow pinpointing the potential root causes of damage.  More information on ShockWatch® solutions.

Packnet has a lot of case studies relating to intra factory transport.   We also offer a complementary assessment of your current packaging that will show you how much money can be saved on your intra company transports.

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