Packnet’s partnered solution for shipping cases

Packnet’s partnered solution for shipping cases

gemstartwoWhen it comes to creating custom shipping case solutions, it’s hard to beat the combination of Packnet’s fabrication expertise and Gemstar cases.   Using a Gemstar Sentential™ case is always a good start to any hard case solution.  The cases are rugged, and come in a variety of sizes and colors.   They are water and dust proof with an airtight design.   The latches are well engineered to be easy to open, yet extremely robust; they only open when you want them to.  They also come with the industries best telescoping handle and wheels.

Packnet customizes Gemstar cases to make them the ideal shipping case solution that virtually lasts a lifetime.   The process starts with a detailed requirements analysis done by a Packnet packaging engineer.  This analysis includes a thorough understanding of the product to ship; how fragile is it, where is it vulnerable along with other items like its size, weight and expense.   We also review the total use of the case.  This involves understanding exactly what the user of the case does with the product.   We try to understand every aspect of how the user is handling both the case and the product(s) inside the case, so we can design an effective, efficient and economical solution that not only reduces the risk of product damage, but makes things easier for the user.

Once the design is complete, Packnet can employ its extensive fabrication capabilities to add hardware, cutouts, custom foam inserts, strapping and graphics.

One common solution is a sales demo kit.  Sales demo kits need to be repeatedly used, and preserve the product both functionally and cosmetically while essentially “helping sell” the product.  By reducing the amount of time the sales person uses for loading and unloading a product, the sales person has more time to interface with the potential customer.

The video below demonstrates what goes into fabricating a sales demo kit by customizing a Gemstar Sentential™ case.

For more information on Gemstar cases, view our Gemstar page.   You can also call us at 952-944-0124 and discuss your requirements with a Packnet representative.

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